ProMax is new WordPress theme provided by InsertCart that comes with great design and magazine style look. These design are high quality fully SEO and mobile optimized comes with easily connect to social media. May be you are running personal blog or business website theme work for both also there is premium version available you are just 1 click ahead. You can Download Free Basic Version to Test 


WooCommerce Support

WooCommerce Support


Unlimited Colors


FontAwesome Icon


Translation Ready


Smart Slider 3

qrcodes generator

QR Code Generator


Responsive Design


Powerful Option Panel


SEO Ready



woocommerce friendly


Features of ProMax WordPress theme

  • Powerful Option Panel that control theme functions
  • bbPress and WooCommerce Support
  • Hover Effect on posts and Slider
  • Optimized WordPress theme design
  • Latest posts widget to show recent posts and items below navigation
  • Popular post widget bigger thumbnails
  • Advertise Management to show ads on header 728×90 and Single post as you want
  • Responsive design site looks great in Mobile and Tabs
  • Google Adsense ready
  • Also support all awesome WordPress features
  • Widget ready any type of widget can be displayed
  • Multiple drop down menu
  • Compatible with all browsers: IE7, IE8, IE9, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari all Latest Browsers.
  • Custom Background and custom header
  • Custom Favicon
  • Author Profile in Posts and Pages
  • SEO Optimized WordPress Theme.
  • Page Speed Optimize for better result.
  • Custom Widgets and Functions.
  • Many of Other customize feature for your blog or website.
Change log

* Fixed social media button after post
* Post navigation color customize
* Updated theme codes

* Added image slider
* Fixed tgm plugin conflict
* Sidebar issue in mobile
* Some other minor fixes

* UPGRADED to customizer new Panel (please take backup before update)
* Fixed lots of design issues
* New Features are added.
* News Ticker added

= 4.1 =
– Added support for YouTube video thumbnail
– Updated new ticker
– Mobile menu responsive changes
– Fixed title fonts in mobile version
– Post navigation fixed

= 4.0 =
– WooCommerce panel added into theme option
– Quick Checkout for WooCoomerce Added
– Added Image Zoom option for WooCommerce
– Added Image Slide option for WooCommerce
– Added Image Light box option for WooCommerce
– Added google fonts default

= 3.9 =
– Added News Ticker
– Enable or disable post excerpt
– Added more feature to responsive
– bug fixes
= 3.8 == 3.7 == 3.6 == 3.5 = {Update to bug fix}
= 3.4 =
– Added Layout for post and page individually
– Updated website meta and fix error
– Added logo upload option in customizer as well
– bug fixes

= 3.3.1 =
– Added new thumbnail image change height and width field – Theme Option > Custom Styling
– Added option to resize post box block
– Fixed custom css box
– Added mobile menu with search bar and control

= 3.3 =
* No more Image croping
* Change number of post box in Index, Archive, Search pages
* Image height choose Auto, Fixed
* Remove border around post box

= 3.2.9 =
* Added more widgets
* RTL style fixed
= 3.2.7 =
* Scroll to top button added

= 3.2.6 =
* Fixed fonts face issue
* CSS update

= 3.2.4 =
* Google fonts added
* Theme Options color settings updated
* Update new theme code

= 3.2.3 =
* Added instagram social icon
* Footer menu fixed
= 3.2.2 =
* language update for Arabic German Russian
= 3.1.7 =
* Responsive blocks upgraded
* Medium screen sizes responsive fixed
* Close menu icon added in menu
* Placeholder in search added

= 3.1.6 =
* Added Smart Slider 3 Plugin
* Added Menu Icons plugin
* Updated css for post

= 3.1.5 =
* Website logo overflow issue in mobile
* Clear navigation menu and social icons
* Footer ads fixed and overflow ads will be scroll.
* Removed mob.css file no need of this
* Search result page fixed

= 3.1.4 =
* Primary navigation color issue fixed
* Some device responsive issue fixed
* Fixed other minor issues

= 3.1.1 =
* Fixed header image issue
* Fixed missing icon for latest post
* 404 Error Page Re-design

= 3.0 =
* Theme Code Updated for latest requirement
* Added Fort Awesome fonts
* Added Foundation codes for more responsive
* Updated TGMA Plugin file for security issue
* Updated author profile

= 2.9 =

* Missing ID problem fix in widgets
* Fixed untranslatable text in theme
* Update Search form code
* Added some screen-reader-text to files
* Social profile button show only when you want
* Body fonts fix
* Minor bugs

Our Themes are 100% GPL
Do you offer support for your themes?
Every of our customer gets priority support via Email ([email protected]), Contact form or Support forum we reply within few minute to 24hr,
We release theme update frequently if you found any issue or need customization then you can request an update from us any time
I’m new don’t know how to setup theme
Don’t worry I’ll help you at any stage may be your premium or free user, Need any help just contact me, on theme purchase you will gets free setup if you wish.
If you grow then we also grow theme is ready to use every thing is provided by us.
How to Install Theme?
Theme installation is very easy after purchase we provides you new pro version of theme files just download them and upload to your website,
Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add new > Upload.
For more read theme documentation you can also use FTP to upload just upload theme into SERVER_PATH/wp-content/themes/
Still have problem just contact us and your site will be running in few minutes.
Is this theme search engine optimized (SEO)?
Yes. As an online business, we understand the importance of SEO. As such, our themes are designed for maximum search engine visibility. We also recommend that you use one of the many WordPress SEO plugins available (e.g. WordPress SEO) to further enhance the search engine visibility of your site.
Can I use the theme on multiple sites?
Yes, you can use the theme on as many sites as you like.
Can I translate the theme?
Yes, we provide a .pot and .po file, which you can use to translate the theme into your desired language.
Can I use this theme forever with no additional payments?
Yes. If you buy this theme, you can use it forever with no additional payments.
Will all WordPress plugins work with this theme?
We always ensure that all of WordPress plugin works on our theme if you have any issue with any of plugin let us know.
Can I modify this theme and/or remove the footer links?
Yes. You are allow do change/remove or modify footer link.
Changing logo and colors are easy?
Yes with our user friendly GUI you won’t get any problem to change fonts and colors


  1. eward

    Hello! My business has multiple domains, same product, similar web design, different locations. I would like to use the same theme for every site. Can i use a Regular License for multiple domains of the same business, or is it a new license for every domain? Thanks !

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Yes you can use it, currently we are not proving any developer license may be in near future until use this also. Sharing or resell are not allow it’s against license term.

  2. cKy (verified owner)

    @Sandy so i can use this theme for multiple domains that i own, but how do you know that was not a share? I wanna buy this theme and also i want to know if this theme has regular updates in line with wordpress.

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      After a purchase we provide you pro version of theme files whenever new version available I send email to users but if you missed check on this page in change log mention here match with your version.
      Also you can request anytime update if you found issue or need some upgrade.
      Some time I’ll not know that someone share our work as a developer we never want lost our hard work.

  3. Aby

    Hi there, this is a pre purchase question. What exactly is the different b/n the free version offered on WordPress and the pro version offered here on your site? Is it just the update and support or the pro version comes with additional features as well?

    • Solomon (verified owner)

      Please disregard my questions. I already got the answers in your price option table.

      • Sandy (verified owner)

        No problem solomon, hope you like these features.

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Yes, if anything needed into theme or any suggest, We’ll implement it for you any time and some more features you gets. we already written on page about some features.

  4. Ujjwal

    Hii, Sandy I have tried many times but images are not appearing with post title in ProMax..The posts are moved from Blogger

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Hi ujjwal, While moving post data from blogger or any other platform some times thumbnail not automatically generated you need set them from post editor. Use set as featured image and thumbnail will appear.

  5. ramesh

    i feel the problem in mobile version. web version is perfect but it’s not responsive in mobile device.
    i m using the free version

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Mobile version does not work on free version of theme please upgrade to pro and access to all theme features.

  6. Wolfman

    Is it possible to change the width of images on homepage like this one did:

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Yes that’s easy task in premium version you just need to change a little code for this. If you are pro user let me know website.

      • rccnls

        Hi, I want to buy the theme but first I want to know if you can personally help me do the customization that wolfman is also asking. Please I really like your theme but I can’t customize themes.

        • Sandy (verified owner)

          Yes help will be provided related theme on customization 🙂

          • Sam

            i think you are right a agree with you and please tell me this site is using an brand image or not <a href="

      • Vijay Kumar (verified owner)

        Hi Sandy,
        I have purchased premium version of the theme but I’m still unable to change the width of images. I want to show 4 thumbnails per row on home page.
        My Website is
        Please help!

        Thanks in advance!

        • Sandy (verified owner)

          Theme Updated Replied to your mail as well. Check change log for more

          • Vijay (verified owner)

            Hi Sandy,
            Thanks for your reply!

            Please tell me How do I create a child theme for Promax theme? I tried to create child theme using “One click child theme & Child theme configurator but all was waste.

          • Sandy (verified owner)

            Did you read this also you need to understand theme structure before creating child theme

          • Vijay Kumar (verified owner)

            Hi sandy, good morning!
            Thanks for an early reply. I have one more question for you, please reply as soon as possible.
            I will also send this question via your contact us page to you.

            The question is – How do I decrease the size of post thumbnails’s box???

            Please tell me as soon as possible.

          • Vijay Kumar (verified owner)

            Hello Sandy, good morning!
            Thanks for your support, I have easily optimized my site design with your theme and your quick support.

            I need more help to optimize my site design, few more problems are listed below:-

            1. Theme design is not responsive on mobile devices, post thumbnails height is too much stretching in portrait mode and to much stretching in width if I turns my mobile into landscape mode. I have tried mobile responsive design option enabled, but there are no improvements.

            2. Home icon is not appearing on “Top navigation” I also checked ‘Show home icon’ but it’s not working

            3. How to decrease the height of website’ header area?

            “Sorry for bad English”

          • Vijay (verified owner)

            Hi Sandy,
            Thanks for updating the theme!

            I have some problem with this update:
            1. Post block height is not decreasing, it’s only increasing. I want to decrease the height of post block and want to show only two lines of post titles with current image height.

            2. Mobile Menu ‘Category’ is appearing on desktop site, I don’t want to show it on desktop site.

            Please help me to fix the above issues.

            Thanks in advance!!!

          • Vijay Kumar (verified owner)

            Hi Sandy,
            Thank you very much for your reply!
            There are a little one issue with the theme – Distance between post thumbnail image and post title is excess.

            Please tell me How do I decrease the distance between post thumbnail image and post title???

            Thanks in advance!!!

          • Vijay Kumar (verified owner)

            Hi Sandy,
            Thanks for your great theme, this is great and search engine friendly, I got higher search engine ranking after set your theme on my site now I want to set it on my other movie website because setting up your theme is very easy.
            Please tell me can I set already purchased theme on my second movie download site?

          • Sandy (verified owner)

            Yes you can use theme on other website as well

  7. rccnls

    Hi, I really want to purchase the theme but want to know if you can help me on a very very minor customization just like wolfman is asking. I have difficulty trusting to get online freelancer so I am hesitating because they might insert malicious code, so maybe the developers can help me, its really a very minor customization.
    Please let me know 🙂 Thank you so much!

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Do you want to change the image size of index pages image? Or do you need any other help

  8. rccnls

    and also make it 4 columns instead of 3 like on the demo. I had searched for a wp theme for months and I finally found a theme that fits perfectly my needs.

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      When you purchased theme email me and I’ll implement option for 3 to 4 column.

  9. vianca

    I see some sites that uses promax that are stretched in width , I want it box type with smaller width can I easily enable/disable it it promax theme?

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Yes, site may be using free version of theme. But there is option in pro you can control design.

      • vianca

        Can you help me change the overall color of the website?
        and each post on the homepage should only show the title and year in smaller font and with bigger picture?

        • Sandy (verified owner)

          Pro theme have ability to change color. For big picture and small date please show me how you want it.

          • vianca

            Hi, I would like to make it look like this. I Photoshoped it. Thank you

            here is the link :

          • vianca

            even without the yellow box at top right saying HD

          • Sandy (verified owner)

            Yes it’s possible.

          • vianca

            is that easy? or will you charge extra?

          • Sandy (verified owner)

            No I’ll not charge you and it’s not so easy but I will do it for you.

          • vianca

            how long would it take once I purchased the theme?

          • Sandy (verified owner)

            1 to 2 days depending time it takes

  10. manish (verified owner)

    hi, i purchased max pro premium theme… i want 4 column layout and some other changes ….

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      You can also choose layout from theme option for 4 column style, Please contact us and provide your website and other details.

      • manish (verified owner)


      • manish (verified owner)

        still no response from your side all most 6 days passed…

        • Sandy (verified owner)

          Hi I already replied to you please check email.. recently our email are goes to Gmail spam folder please check there. Add our address to contact or click on not spam

          • manish (verified owner)

            sorry but i dint get mail… can u pls resend it… alternative mail id:- [email protected]

          • Sandy (verified owner)

            Replied to your old mail again please check.

  11. shafi

    Hi sandy, I’am using your free theme(ProMax MultiPurpose) just for demo purpose and it was not at all compatible with my phone.Do you sujjest why this problem is being arising?

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Hi shafi,
      Only pro version of promax is responsive mobile design free version is only basic test and use.

  12. Sam (verified owner)

    everytime I try to activate this promax theme, it breaks my site, I uninstalled the free theme first then upload this and activate still the same results, what am I missing?

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Hi Sam,

      If you are using pro version of file then please re-download version 3.2.6, and try to upload again, Contact us if there is any issue.

  13. joel

    ho sime podrian ayudar e comprado un tema llamado iShop – WP Theme
    i quisiera ponerle numero de paginacion que lo uso como entradas i no como paginas fija

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Yes , if you need pagination we can implement that please email us your website after purchasing.

  14. joel

    hola si me podrian ayuadar e comprado un tema llamdo iShop – WP Theme y quisiera ponerle numero de paginancion al tema
    nose si pueden ayudarme

  15. jorge

    Hello there guys!, i want to buy the theme, just one question , If i want to customize two columns blog posts appeareance on Mobile devices just like this page: instead of one that you show up, would you guys help me do that in the premium version? thank you.

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Yes sure any time.

  16. Arjun Ullas

    Hi, in the demo version its showing 3 colums of latest posts right ? Is it possible to limit to 2 colums ?

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Yes, There is option in theme option where you can increase or decrease numbers of post blocks.

  17. AONG

    Hi, how can I make the sidebar “Popular posts” appear without any picture? “i.e. the text only”

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Search for below code into style.css and remove those like I marked

      .ltl {
      background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.6);
      padding: 5px;
      overflow: hidden;
      max-height: 55px;
      position: absolute;
      max-width: 93%;
      zoom: 1;
      margin-top: -55px;
      z-index: 500;
      max-height: 55px;
      color: #fff;
      font-size: 1rem;
      display: flex;

      #populars img {
      width: 100%;
      height: 150px;
      display: block !important;

      Change to

      #populars img {
      width: 100%;
      height: 150px;
      display: none !important;

  18. mohamed reda

    hi when i set up The pro theme pro i have awhite page in my wepsite what is the proplem + the theme is only 1.28 mega is it right?

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      If there is any issue into theme please contact us. It seems you are using free version ?

      • mohamed reda

        i was using free version and i purchased the pro version today

  19. Vijay (verified owner)

    Hi, Sandy,

    I have purhchased your theme that is SocaillyViral.
    And I have also custimized it you can check it here –
    Now want to set it permanently even when I update your theme…. Site look will be same all time… How can I do that???
    Please help me…

    And also tell me is there any more that can i do on homepage, to make it more attractive…
    Thanks (Waiting for Your Reply)

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      I don’t see you have activated our theme, Please download theme from your account at website then upload it to your dashboard read promax documentation for how to do that, otherwise contact us via email form with website detail we will do setup for you.

  20. Claudio Souza

    Olá eu comprei este tema Premium há alguns anos, e não sabia que posso usar para site de filmes, como eu faço para fazer estas mudanças? eu uso ele em site de videos adultos, mas tenho um outro site de filmes, e gostaria muito de usar ele para o novo site. Como eu faço isto.

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Yes you can use theme for any kind of website download theme from your account and upload to your new domain as well

  21. kamboj

    how can in use the same theme for multiple websites.. plz let me know..

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      After purchase you can can download file from your account and upload to website, read theme documentation for more info

  22. Sander

    Hi, I’m trying to customize one columns blog posts appeareance on Mobile devices in the mobile version of my page: instead of two columns that you show up, would you guys help me do that? I have the promax multipurpose version.

  23. Josh

    Hi, I’ve been using ProMax for a while. After last update, the right sidebar stopped working properly. I have tried to reinstall the theme, wordpress 4.8 and even restarted Apache. Still not working. The problems are: Categories widget shows its title as “Categories” instead of “Cat” as I put in. Also, its three options (show counts, show hierarchy) don’t work. All widgets don’t show titles correctly. Some not showing any titles, some showing its name instead of its title. Some widgets totally don’t work. FYI, I didn’t change any code of this theme. Thanks.

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Yes we do updates into theme regarding sidebar, now you can enable or disable sidebar in mobile devices other than this no changes into sidebar. Please share your website url

  24. Lucy

    This theme allows users to modify many things. But, I’ll be very glad if it can give me the user interface like this website. Can this be possible using promax?

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      There is no need of any user interface to post like this you can easily do that with ProMax Pro theme.

  25. Sachin

    My domain is for content but this theme concentrates more over pictures – what is the solution to this ??? Check this domain –

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Can you please activate theme, Or sent me screenshot

  26. Melissa Lowe

    I want to change my online mag them to Promax but the information doesn’t convert easily into theme and I’m not sure how to do it since I already have blog posts.

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Don’t worry there will be no data or post loss while changing theme to promax if you are not sure let us know, we well do it for you.

      • Melissa Lowe

        OK Great & Thank You because the theme I have I have been unable to post to Facebook on my status & I added a 3rd party hyperlink into the text of my blog & when anyone click on it, it won’t redirect. Hosting company troubleshooted & Facebook & found problem with theme developer but they could not find problem so don’t want to go through that again so I will purchase your theme..If you would transfer content for me

        • Sandy (verified owner)

          Actually there is no need of transfer, I’ll be take care that while upgrading theme into your website there should not be any data loss

          • Melissa Lowe

            Ok..I went back to OnlineMag Theme but have deactivated most plug ins…do I need to purchase the promax multiprpose now

  27. Melissa Lowe

    This is my website & I need tremendous help, I have swapped to ProMax but I don’t know how to get my blog posts my home page set up like your image in 3 columns across and I do not want update blog posts in side bar.. I don’t know how to retrieve them a all really. The website is & I don’t know how to directly contact you for help.

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      You can contact via contact form Or using support ticket

  28. thepennymd (verified owner)

    I purchases the ProMax Multipurpose so I need help now,

  29. adeelsiddiqui001 (verified owner)

    after purchasing this theme my post thumbnail is blurry why?????

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      I might be because previously you are using small size of image which are already generated, Please use Regenerate Thumbnail plugin or upload image again and set them featured image.
      I suggest you to use plugin and run it from Dashboard > Tools > Regenerate Thumbnail

      • Adeel (verified owner)

        • Adeel (verified owner)

          Sandy I want this type thumbnail on my website check this

          • Sandy (verified owner)

            He is just using box-shadow css , Use below css for this kind of style

            .thumbnail img {
            padding: 0;
            box-shadow: 1px 8px 28px #1478aa;
            border-radius: 23px;}

          • adeelsiddiqui001 (verified owner)

            thanks sandy …

  30. forregs

    I created a child theme which consists of style.css and functions.php with the only function that adds style.css (wp_enqueue_style( ‘parent-style’, get_template_directory_uri().’/style.css’ );)
    When I activate Promaxpro theme the site is perfect.
    When I activate my Child theme the site is shown as if I used a mobile device instead of a computer (one column, huge images).

    This is not my first child theme experience and I’ve never had problems before at this stage. What am I doing wrong?

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      May be you are missing any css file.

  31. forregs

    Part 2
    The styles in the code are like these:

    Two files somehow have the path of the child theme:
    foundation/css/foundation-op.css (line 3)
    font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css (line 2)

    There’s something wrong with it, I guess.

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Foundation/css is important file for promax theme, without this file theme won’t work correctly

  32. Faisal Khan

    i want to buy new version of my web theme .. plz check my theme name my site

  33. Jass

    hi Sandy I want this type thumbnail and page layout on my website check this

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Yes, It’s possible to have thumbnail like this, just needed some changes.

  34. Kay

    I have a question before I buy. I am looking at the light blue color in the free version, will I be able to change that color with the pro version?

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Yes, theme allow you to customize color and appearance changes

  35. Judith

    Hello, is it possible to remove the second top navigation? This way it is double, Thank you!

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Yes you can remove second navigation if you wants to, Please submit support ticket for help

  36. Pawan sharma

    sandy bro Actually I wants to purchase your Promax WordPress theme for my website. I want some customizations in my theme like these websites

    I wants to know Whether I have to pay You something extra or I only have to purchase the theme from insercart and you will provide the customization’s for free.

    Let me know about this as soon as possible bro.

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Hi pawan,

      Replied you your email as well.
      Yes you need to pay extra for changing these design as I already talked because it’s like making completely new theme
      where as don’t have much work like,

      Free customization like changing columns field or removing any extra field that you don’t need,

  37. taka

    My site

    About the list of articles posted
    There is a margin next to the image.

    I want to display images with all the widths.
    Even if the image size was increased, it was not improved.

    what should i do?

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Use regenerate thumbnail plugin and run it from Dashboard > Tool. It will fix image size issue.

  38. stuart

    I have a multi language site and wish to have the home button link to a different home depending on what language version is being viewed. How can I do this? I see in the function file class=”home-icon” but how can I list a filter per language to send the user to a different home?

  39. Anandsharma

    I want purchasing this theme for this site

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      If you want to purchase just simply click on Get this theme and buy theme from diff. payment options Let me know if you have any issue ?

  40. Vijay (verified owner)

    Hello Sir,

    I purchased the pro version of your theme.
    Please tell me one thing that I have purchased a new domain and I want to use this theme because of fast loading time and it’s performance. So can I go with this theme. and the site is not a movie site instead of I have created the hosting website i.e.

    Please Guide me Sir,

    Can I use it…

  41. Sayful Sumon

    This is a best wp themes for

  42. Farhraan

    Hello Sand i was using color mag theme when i upload this pro max theme my mobile traffic decrease so kindly please tell me how to solve this problem even i dont have the problem with design but my mobile traffic very very low

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      If you are looking at google analytics than your code must be removed when you uploaded theme you need to place code again to see all users. Otherwise there shouldn’t be any issue like traffic because theme is optimized for SEO.
      Also please send your website URL as well

  43. Sayful Sumon

    Is it possible to change the width of images on homepage like this one did:

  44. Vijay (verified owner)

    Hello sir, I have already purchased your theme Promax for my movie website. Now, I deleted the movie site and will not start it again. Can I use your theme for my new website OLD WEBSITE URL ???

    I have a SEO tools website, there are many SEO tools like article rewriter, Backlinks maker, website SEO checker, and robots.txt generator. Can I use your theme on my SEO tools website for blog page? website URL: NEW WEBSITE URL

    Please reply as soon as possible.
    Thanks in advance!

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Ok, Now you can use, Download theme from your account

  45. Robert (verified owner)

    I purchased the ProMaxPro theme. I have tried unsuccessfully to remove the recent posts from other pages, but leave it on my static homepage. What do I need to do to just show the recent posts on the one static homepage and hide it on the subsequent pages?

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Hi, can you please share screenshot and website URL on [email protected]

  46. Cláudio

    Hi Sandy, I bought ProMax Pro back in 2017. Today I updated the Theme and lost all de customization made through de ProMax Pro Theme Options because it simple disappeared from my wordpress backoffice!! Can I at least undo the last update????????????

    • Sandy (verified owner)

      Hi, New update is just transfer of theme panel to WordPress customizer as per wordpress requirement for security. You just need to rearrange widgets, colors and some theme related settings.
      Also if made changes in core files of theme like edited any php file. Then there is no way to back untill you have backup.
      If you still want Previous version back then please share your order number or email you used for purchase. I will add Old version to your account so you can download that file as well.

  47. Mukesh

    Pro max along with poster are good themes for Movie niche

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