Digital Theme Documentation and Setup


Before we start anything make sure take backup files and database of current state to prevent any problem in future we are not responsible for any damage you made later.

Minimum Requirement:

PHP Version 5+
MySQL Version 5.1+
WordPress 3.x or later
eCommerce Plugins Woocommerce


Download theme file from My Account – Download section (If you are having any problem in download then contact us) after download upload main theme via FTP or WordPress upload. As ftp software you can use Filezila or any other ftp client. if you are upload via WordPress upload then navigate to:

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After login into website Dashboard > Appearance  > Theme > Add New > Upload Theme > Choose file > Install now.  After successful upload Activate the theme.

In any case if you get error like theme file or folder already exist then you need to remove previous version first.

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Please Note: You must disable any caching plugin (like: w3tc, wp super cache) while setup theme because result might have some delay or not visible.

Also for first time setup you should restore default theme option to prevent any error or wrong value saved on database.

upgrade to pro

Digital Theme Options

Some of option doesn’t work for Free Version of theme user you need to Pro Version of theme to work all these options Purchase here.


  1. Upload Favicon icon of website image must in .ico or png format.
  2. Upload website logo keep ratio in 478px X 88px max.
  3. Header background color change.
  4. Show author profile below every posts and page you fill author details from Dashboard > Users > Your Profile > Bio. Fill you details here.
  5. Check the enable Or disable latest post.
  6. You can change text categories name.
  7. You can select a Category.
  8. Change number of of post show.
  9. Change background color of categories and breadcrumb strip line.
  10. Check the enable or disabale 2nd categories.
  11. You can change text 2nd categorie Name.
  12. You can select a Category.
  13. Change number of of post show.
  14. Change background color of categories and breadcrumb strip line.
  15. Change default thumb image.

Social media


Social media icons allow you to put link to your social profile paste with http:// on their respective website and save options. Icons will be display on top navigation bar like shown in above Image .

Slider Setting


  1. Check the enable or disable slider.
  2. You can change the slider caption background color.
  3. Change the caption font color ans size.
  4. Select and remove the Slider image.
  5. Enter the image title.
  6. Enter here any link you want.

Please Note: User slider image having width 1175px and height 450px for best display

Custom styling

custom styling

Use custom styling to put CSS codes this allow you to save these code in on theme update. Don’t edit style.css use this area for styling.

Ads Management


This is for different area of advertisement within theme you can add Banner Ads, Text Ads, or HTML codes whatever you want. TEXT mode for html and codes and Use Visual mode for writing or copy paste.

Top box is use you header banner aside from logo or text ads like 728*90px

Second box use for advertisement in single post its will display ads just above every single post content.

Third box that will display ads on footer below navigation on Index Page and some other pages as well.

Advance Option

advance feature


  1. Social share button it allow you to directly share posts to social website visitor can also share them and show numbers of share it will display below every post.
  2. Check the box to show popular post with thumbnail in sidebar.
  3. You can change the number of popular post show the display.
  4. Responsive website design option only a premium features that allow user to view your website in mobile and tablets as well.
  5. Excerpt Length number of words display in post description on Index page and other archive pages. You can control it from here.
  6. Enable or disable home Icon from Main Navigation.
  7. Enable or disable footer widget area settings.
  8. You can enable and disable post hover effect.
  9. you can change top menu background color change.
  10. you can change top menu hover color change.
  11. you can change top menu text color change.
  12. Main Navigation background color change.
  13. Main navigation hover color change.
  14. Main navigation text color change.
  15. Change link color choosing link color will change all and every link color into posts and page even on whole website.
  16. This change link hover color.
  17. Change the sidebar widget heading background color.
  18. Change the next and previous post link background color.
  19. Change the post title color.
  20. Bottom Pagination [1, 2, 3…] on Index and other archive pages change the current paged background.
  21. Change background of other pagination numbers.
  22. Change pagination text color.
  23. Change Footer Widget background color from this option.
  24. Change Footer text color from this option.
  25. Change Footer copyright background from this option.
  26. you can change color search bar”Go” button background.
  27. You can show or hide, Date & Author stamp from thumbnail in index and other page.
  28. You can show or hide, categories button.
  29. Change the color categories background.
  30. Theme font color and size change.
  31. H1 heading font color change mainly post and page heading.
  32. Select Images for Website layout type.
  33. SEO and meta option put here google plus profile link.
  34. Bing site verification meta code.
  35. Google website verification code get from webmaster tool.
  36. Footer script put here any script like analytics or any other.
  37. Check Box to Enable or Disable Breadcrumbs from post and pages.
  38. Post meta data information below every post: Hide Tags.
  39. Show or hide comments.
  40. Show or hide categories.
  41. Show or hide author name and date.
  42. This option allow you to show or hide search bar from top navigation menu.
  43. Next and previous post link in below every post.
  44. This option allow you to hide or show copyright text from footer.
  45. Put anything on copyright place.
  46. Save option.
  47. Restore default – Reset to default setting comes with theme.