FAQ – About Theme Setup

First install theme and setup it read theme documentation for information these are some question users asks frequently.

Upload theme demo data to your website

Go to Dashboard > Tools > Import > WordPress (check if installed otherwise click on install now), after this download below file unzip it then upload theme-demo-data.xml file

Download Theme Demo Data

Common FAQ:
How to install theme
We already write in documentation how to install theme your just need to upload file or search from WordPress directory if it’s free version for more info Read Here
How to Add a Logo?
Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Theme Option > Basic Settings OR  Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Customize > Site Logo, Title & Tagline.  
How to Configure the Menu Bar?
Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Menus. This theme supports 2 Menus, You can Disable them Completely. To Do so, set these menus to any Empty Menu.
How to Set Thumbnails Image for Blog Posts?
While editing  post scroll to bottom right here is option “Set Featured Image” choose image that it. Also Read Here 
Create and Add Menu

Before you create your menu for this theme, make sure your pages/sections have been created already. This way they will be available to be inserted into the menu.

Follow this steps to create a menu:

  • Go to Appearance> Menus in the main admin menu.
  • At first you will probably need to add a menu (create a menu), give it a name and click Save Menu.
  • The new menu will appear in a tab in this location. Click on this tab to begin adding menu items.
    Use the dialog boxes on the left hand side of the page to add items to your menu.
  • Select the master page you created as well as all of the sub sections or child pages and click “Add to Menu”.
  • Now you can drag the newly inserted menu item to their correct sequence and rename their titles if required.
  • After you have added and edited the menu items click Save Menu in the bottom of this area.
  • Adding the menu to the theme

Finally you will need to specify the location for this menu.  Select menu for Primary, Main or Footer menu and check box where you want to display it and click Save Menu.

Advance FAQ:
Adjust width of different column in website
Our theme is based on foundation framework which is uses responsive classes for example if you want to increase content area and decrease sidebar width other than theme option, Then in source code you can find like

Content is uses class

<div class=”large-8″>…..content area…..</div>
Sidebar uses class
<div class=”large-4″>…..sidebar area…..</div>

just increase value 8 to 9 and decrease sidebar 4 to 3 because total sum need to be 12 8+4 or 9+3

How to Adjust Width of Different Column in WP Theme Foundation Based