Change Comment Form Title “Leave a comment” to Custom

comment form name

Here is simple WordPress PHP filter to change comment form title  “Leave a comment” to your own custom text, filter comment_form_defaults help you to change it using your theme function.php file easily but make sure.

comment form name

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WordPress Theme

Copy below code and paste into theme function.php

add_filter('comment_form_defaults', 'set_my_comment_title', 20);
function set_my_comment_title( $defaults ){
 $defaults['title_reply'] = __('MY CUSTOM NAME', 'customizr-child');
 return $defaults;

MYTHEME > Function.php (usually found with this name and path)

Before editing code make sure take backup of file. If you have any question please post comment below.



13 thoughts on “Change Comment Form Title “Leave a comment” to Custom

  1. I was looking for a way to change the form title for a plugin that i am writing and found this snippet. Solved my problem. Thanks

  2. I am a beginner and facing many problems in optimizing my site. Your this post will help me in optimizing my WordPress site without any type of problem.

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