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Product Description

ProMax is new WordPress theme provided by InsertCart that comes with great design and magazine style look. These design are high quality fully SEO and mobile optimized comes with easily connect to social media. May be you are running personal blog or business website theme work for both also there is premium version available you are just 1 click ahead. You can Download Free Basic Version to Test 




woocommerce friendly


Features of ProMax WordPress theme

  • Powerful Option Panel that control theme functions
  • bbPress and WooCommerce Support
  • Hover Effect on posts and Slider
  • Optimized WordPress theme design
  • Latest posts widget to show recent posts and items below navigation
  • Popular post widget bigger thumbnails
  • Advertise Management to show ads on header 728×90 and Single post as you want
  • Responsive design site looks great in Mobile and Tabs
  • Google Adsense ready
  • Also support all awesome WordPress features
  • Widget ready any type of widget can be displayed
  • Multiple drop down menu
  • Compatible with all browsers: IE7, IE8, IE9, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari all Latest Browsers.
  • Custom Background and custom header
  • Custom Favicon
  • Author Profile in Posts and Pages
  • SEO Optimized WordPress Theme.
  • Page Speed Optimize for better result.
  • Custom Widgets and Functions.
  • Many of Other customize feature for your blog or website.
Change log

Got something to discuss?

8 months 8 days ago

Hello! My business has multiple domains, same product, similar web design, different locations. I would like to use the same theme for every site. Can i use a Regular License for multiple domains of the same business, or is it a new license for every domain? Thanks !

8 months 8 days ago

Yes you can use it, currently we are not proving any developer license may be in near future until use this also. Sharing or resell are not allow it’s against license term.

8 months 8 days ago

@Sandy so i can use this theme for multiple domains that i own, but how do you know that was not a share? I wanna buy this theme and also i want to know if this theme has regular updates in line with wordpress.

8 months 8 days ago

After a purchase we provide you pro version of theme files whenever new version available I send email to users but if you missed check on this page in change log mention here match with your version.
Also you can request anytime update if you found issue or need some upgrade.
Some time I’ll not know that someone share our work as a developer we never want lost our hard work.

8 months 6 days ago

Hi there, this is a pre purchase question. What exactly is the different b/n the free version offered on WordPress and the pro version offered here on your site? Is it just the update and support or the pro version comes with additional features as well?

8 months 5 days ago

Please disregard my questions. I already got the answers in your price option table.

8 months 5 days ago

No problem solomon, hope you like these features.

8 months 5 days ago

Yes, if anything needed into theme or any suggest, We’ll implement it for you any time and some more features you gets. we already written on page about some features.

5 months 22 days ago

Hii, Sandy I have tried many times but images are not appearing with post title in ProMax..The posts are moved from Blogger

5 months 22 days ago

Hi ujjwal, While moving post data from blogger or any other platform some times thumbnail not automatically generated you need set them from post editor. Use set as featured image and thumbnail will appear.

5 months 3 days ago

i feel the problem in mobile version. web version is perfect but it’s not responsive in mobile device.
i m using the free version

4 months 30 days ago

Mobile version does not work on free version of theme please upgrade to pro and access to all theme features.

3 months 13 days ago

Is it possible to change the width of images on homepage like this one did:

3 months 12 days ago

Yes that’s easy task in premium version you just need to change a little code for this. If you are pro user let me know website.

1 month 26 days ago

Hi, I want to buy the theme but first I want to know if you can personally help me do the customization that wolfman is also asking. Please I really like your theme but I can’t customize themes.

1 month 26 days ago

Yes help will be provided related theme on customization 🙂

1 month 26 days ago

Hi, I really want to purchase the theme but want to know if you can help me on a very very minor customization just like wolfman is asking. I have difficulty trusting to get online freelancer so I am hesitating because they might insert malicious code, so maybe the developers can help me, its really a very minor customization.
Please let me know 🙂 Thank you so much!

1 month 26 days ago

Do you want to change the image size of index pages image? Or do you need any other help

1 month 25 days ago

and also make it 4 columns instead of 3 like on the demo. I had searched for a wp theme for months and I finally found a theme that fits perfectly my needs.

1 month 25 days ago

When you purchased theme email me and I’ll implement option for 3 to 4 column.

1 month 25 days ago

I see some sites that uses promax that are stretched in width , I want it box type with smaller width can I easily enable/disable it it promax theme?

1 month 25 days ago

Yes, site may be using free version of theme. But there is option in pro you can control design.

1 month 25 days ago

Can you help me change the overall color of the website?
and each post on the homepage should only show the title and year in smaller font and with bigger picture?

1 month 24 days ago

Pro theme have ability to change color. For big picture and small date please show me how you want it.

1 month 24 days ago

Hi, I would like to make it look like this. I Photoshoped it. Thank you

here is the link :

1 month 24 days ago

even without the yellow box at top right saying HD

1 month 24 days ago

Yes it’s possible.

1 month 24 days ago

is that easy? or will you charge extra?

1 month 24 days ago

No I’ll not charge you and it’s not so easy but I will do it for you.

1 month 24 days ago

how long would it take once I purchased the theme?

1 month 23 days ago

1 to 2 days depending time it takes

1 month 10 days ago

hi, i purchased max pro premium theme… i want 4 column layout and some other changes ….

1 month 10 days ago

You can also choose layout from theme option for 4 column style, Please contact us and provide your website and other details.

1 month 10 days ago


1 month 5 days ago

still no response from your side all most 6 days passed…

1 month 5 days ago

Hi I already replied to you please check email.. recently our email are goes to Gmail spam folder please check there. Add our address to contact or click on not spam

1 month 3 days ago

Replied to your old mail again please check.

18 days 11 hours ago

Hi sandy, I’am using your free theme(ProMax MultiPurpose) just for demo purpose and it was not at all compatible with my phone.Do you sujjest why this problem is being arising?

18 days 11 hours ago

Hi shafi,
Only pro version of promax is responsive mobile design free version is only basic test and use.

12 days 5 hours ago

everytime I try to activate this promax theme, it breaks my site, I uninstalled the free theme first then upload this and activate still the same results, what am I missing?

12 days 4 hours ago

Hi Sam,

If you are using pro version of file then please re-download version 3.2.6, and try to upload again, Contact us if there is any issue.

12 days 4 hours ago

ho sime podrian ayudar e comprado un tema llamado iShop – WP Theme
i quisiera ponerle numero de paginacion que lo uso como entradas i no como paginas fija

12 days 4 hours ago

Yes , if you need pagination we can implement that please email us your website after purchasing.

12 days 3 hours ago

hola si me podrian ayuadar e comprado un tema llamdo iShop – WP Theme y quisiera ponerle numero de paginancion al tema
nose si pueden ayudarme