Theme Upload or Update Problem and Solution

Some time theme upload new users face problem like this when they are upload or updating WordPress theme here some problem and issue and solution for them.


PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Cause and solution for this issue

  • This kind issue cause by invalid or corrupt zip file. -Extract file then try to compress again with zip
  • File you are uploading might be RAR – Make sure file is zip format not in rar to check this enable hide extension know for files in windows
  • Before uploading make sure you extract other file like Documentation or other file
  • Low space on server make sure you cleanup extra space so file can easily extracted
  • Try FTP Upload

Destination folder already exists

Unpacking the package...
Installing the theme...
Destination folder already exists.
Theme install failed.

In order to update the theme, you’ll actually need delete the current version before you can upload the new one.

  • Go to “Appearance > Themes”
  • Temporarily switch to an alternate theme
  • Then, click “Theme Details” for the theme you are trying to replace
  • Click the “Delete” link in the bottom right
  • Now click the “Add New” button and upload the new theme version
  • Switch to the new version of the theme you uploaded

Are you sure you want to do this?

This when WordPress checks for Nonce in an admin url and the check fails. Nonce are unique keys or numbers which can be generated by a theme, plugin, or a core WordPress file for verification purposes. Nonces add a security layer to protect WordPress URLs, forms, and ajax calls from abuse.

  • This error cause because of memory or database error you can try again
  • Some time you open website dashboard in new tab and theme or plugin settings got change – you need to reupload theme file by access url again
  • Cookies gets reset – This is also a issue like user change or permission change logout and login again
  • Some time plugin also create problem like any security plugin you installed that preventing you to upload theme.- Try to disable all plugin temporary
  • If still not resolved check theme coding is it correct or not may be try different theme for test upload.
  • Try FTP upload directly to wp-content/themes folder

If you face any other issue with our or any other theme please reply or contact us.

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