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How to add space between paragraphs (Profile WP Theme)

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    Jen @ Books That Hook

    I recently installed the free WP theme, Profile. I think this theme will work out great for my blog. The only problem I am having so far is that I can’t figure out how to add an extra space between paragraphs or sections.

    Hitting enter twice in the visual editor shows up correct on the visual editor, but the page/post doesn’t have the additional spaces when I publish or preview. With my previous theme, I could either hit enter twice in the visual editor or add “nbsp;” in the text editor. These don’t seem to have any effect anymore on how the text will appear.

    So, how can I add spaces where I want them? I don’t want each paragraph or section to be right on top of the other one. I want an extra space between them, like I have done in this message.

    Posts that I created with my old theme still look correct, but all new pages and posts have the spacing issue where there is just the usual line spacing between everything without any additional space between paragraphs.



    If you share your website that will be easy to understand us or screenshot because theme just call your all the text directly to front end but if still might have any issue then we need to know.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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